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Creatine Supplements Beginners Guide

Creatine Supplements

Are you a novice in the world of creatine dietary supplements? This blog will enlighten you on all of the fundamentals of creatine dietary supplements. Whether you are a fitness beginner. or you routinely hit the gym with the intent of improving your whole body performance, it is important to know creatine’s beneficial position to […]

How Does a Weightlifting Belt Work?

Weightlifting Belt

Weightlifting belts, added in the overdue 19th century, won popularity among competitive weightlifters in the early 20th century. Originally made of leather, they offered support to the lower back and abdomen all through heavy lifts. The primary purpose is to increase intra-abdominal stress, stabilizing the spine and decreasing the risk of damage. Common beliefs/myths surrounding […]

Smelling Salts: A Performance Enhancer or Risk to Your Health?

Smelling Salts

Smelling salts have been in use for centuries for medicinal cures. Long since the 13th century doctors have sought to apply ammonia salts as a therapeutic formula for fainting, yet this system of treatment is not commonly practiced today. Chemically speaking, smelling salts are a solution of dilute ammonia mixed in water and ethanol, and […]

Liquid Chalk vs. Regular Chalk: Which One Is Best?

Gym Chalk

As you know, chalk is a substance extracted from nature that finds its application in a wide range of use cases. Be it drawing catchy diagrams on blackboards, marking on pavement sideways, or applying it on the surface of hands to establish grip during gym time – these white solid tools are essential! Apart from […]

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