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4 Benefits to Pre-Workout

4 Benefits to Pre-Workout

Have you been noticing low energy levels when you get to the gym? Or maybe you are losing steam a lot quicker during your workout? 


When people hit this point in their workout routine, they usually start thinking about incorporating pre-workout into their gym sessions. Pre-workout supplements were created to boost workout performance by increasing energy levels and stamina. It is usually taken 30 to 60 minutes prior to working out to allow it the chance to soak into the bloodstream. 


To help with your decision, here are four benefits to adding pre-workout to your gym routine. 



This may be obvious, but pre-workout increases your energy levels. One of the most common ingredients in pre-workout supplements is caffeine. Because of its energy-boosting capabilities, it can be taken prior to the workout. 



Many athletes comment on how much better they focus during a workout after taking pre-workout. This is partly because of the ingredients within the product as well as the increased energy levels. When energy is high, we are more likely to focus on what we are doing. It’s extremely important to have sharp focus during a workout – especially if you are heavy lifting. Powerlifting requires focus on form, strength, and your body’s response to using its muscles at a maximum capacity. 


Athletic performance

Pre-workout supplements positively affect muscles, mood, and endurance during a workout. More energy and focus combat fatigue and allow muscles to work harder at the gym. Long term, this highly impacts muscle endurance. Creatine is also a common ingredient in pre-workout supplements. This is especially beneficial to those who are doing explosive workouts. Small bursts of energy and stronger muscles make it easier to perform explosive workouts and reach your fitness goals even faster.  


Faster Recovery

Pre-workout can also promote faster recovery because of its ability to help the body produce new proteins and rebuild muscle tissue. Quicker recovery usually leads to quicker gains because of increased strength, leaner body mass, and less fatigue/soreness after a workout so you can get to your next workout faster. 


Bottom line? Pre-workout isn’t a necessary component to add to your workout routine, but it comes with many benefits. If you are interested in increasing your athletic performance and would like to incorporate pre-workout supplements into your gym sessions, you’ve come to the right place. Check out what we have to offer at House of Gains

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