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7 Ways to Sneak More Protein into Your Diet

Protein in Your Diet

Looking for new ways to gain muscle mass in addition to the protein supplements you’ve been taking? Here are seven surprising ways to add more protein to your diet.

Greek yogurt.

Adding greek yogurt to your morning smoothie is a great way to add more grams of protein into your daily routine. Not a smoothie person? Try blending some greek yogurt with avocado and add a sauce to tonight’s dinner.


Keeping nuts on hand might be the easiest way to sneak healthy protein and fat into your diet. Store them in your desk drawer at work, or get the pre-packaged 100-calorie packs and keep them in your car for a last-minute boost.

Add seeds to your salad or bowl.

Need to kick your lunch up a notch? Add sunflower seeds or pepitas to your salad or power bowl. You can also add chia or flax seeds to your morning smoothie or oatmeal and add close to five grams of protein to your meal.

Jump on the hummus train.

Hummus is a popular healthy snack in the diet community, and there is a good reason. Chickpeas and tahini have a high protein content. Use it as a dip for vegetables, and you have a high-protein, low-calorie snack.

Mix in egg whites.

Yes, eggs are full of protein – still, most of the protein comes from egg whites. Make yourself an egg white omelet, add them to a protein-packed pancake recipe, or mix them in with stir fry.

Go for the quinoa.

Speaking of Asian-inspired meals, switch to quinoa. Everybody loves a delicious batch of fried rice. Instead of rice, swap in the quinoa for a healthier, high-protein alternative. Add your egg whites, and you’ll have a delicious meal.

Cheese it up.

When eating cheese, always be aware of calories and fat. Still, having individual servings of cheese (like string cheese!) on hand is a great high-protein snack or post-workout recovery food.

Adding these protein-rich foods will certainly help with muscle mass as you continue with your workout journey. And, you can always check out our supply of protein supplements at House of Gains. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to discuss your options and find the best protein that works for your body.

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