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8 Powerlifting Tips

powerlifting tips

To be a successful powerlifter, it takes time, patience, and perseverance. Luckily, you don’t have to be a trailblazer. Many have come before you, so that means there is a wealth of knowledge out there. Here are a few powerlifting tips to make sure you dominate the weights!

  1. Use Straps Properly

When using straps, you only need one strap around the bar. Once you are already gripping the bar, this extra support will be more than enough for even your heaviest lifts. The reason for only one is on deadlifts, if you are bent over spending time trying to get more than one strap placed, you will lose the stretch reflex’s benefits.

  1. Use Baby Powder

When you’re pulling heavy weights, talcum powder or baby powder is a must. Even the small amount of friction between your legs and the bar makes a big difference. The powder will significantly reduce friction and can make the difference between a new personal record and a missed lift.

  1. Benefits of Ammonia

Ammonia, more commonly known as smelling salts in the gym, can be beneficial when lifting. Sniffing smelling salts activates your sympathetic nervous system, known as your fight or flight response. When powerlifting, this reaction can result in potentially increasing the amount you lift.

  1. Watch the Bench

Some lifting benches can be problematic. Due to the material used on some benches, they can be slippery. Run a few thick resistance bands along the bench to overcome this. The bands are made of non-slip rubber that will help keep you in place while benching.

  1. Try Salted Watermelon

Are you looking for an all-natural boost? Watermelon is low in calories, but when combined with sodium, it will help rehydrate you. Add to that the sugar in watermelon, and you will get just enough of a boost to get you going!

  1. Keep Knee Sleeves Secure

Do you find your knee sleeves tend to slip down your legs? Chalk both the wraps and your knees to increase friction and help keep them in place. Another trick is to use wrist straps to keep pre-rolled wraps tight.

  1. Velcro for the Win

Are you having trouble locating a chalk brush? The Velcro on your wrist straps will work just as well for cleaning talc off barbells.

  1. Take a Day Off

When all else fails, never forget the value of taking a break. If you’re having a bad day, it’s okay to skip the gym. Come back stronger the next day – and be the warrior you were meant to be!

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