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How Does a Weightlifting Belt Work?

Weightlifting Belt

Weightlifting belts, added in the overdue 19th century, won popularity among competitive weightlifters in the early 20th century. Originally made of leather, they offered support to the lower back and abdomen all through heavy lifts. The primary purpose is to increase intra-abdominal stress, stabilizing the spine and decreasing the risk of damage. Common beliefs/myths surrounding […]

Liquid Chalk vs. Regular Chalk: Which One Is Best?

Gym Chalk

As you know, chalk is a substance extracted from nature that finds its application in a wide range of use cases. Be it drawing catchy diagrams on blackboards, marking on pavement sideways, or applying it on the surface of hands to establish grip during gym time – these white solid tools are essential! Apart from […]

Top 10 Supplements Every Athlete Needs for Maximum Performance

Supplements for Athlete

Are you an athlete, bodybuilder, or gym-goer looking to get your performance to the next level? At House of Gains, we are here to help you reach maximum performance in the gym, so we put together a list of 10 essential supplements for athletes of all levels. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or […]

Should I Get a Weightlifting Belt?

Should I Get a Weightlifting Belt?

This is a popular debate in the powerlifting world – should I add a weightlifting belt to my gym sessions?  Honestly, there is a lot that goes into making this decision. Before deciding, think about the following additional questions.  What kind of workouts am I currently performing? If you’re sticking to light weightlifting as your […]

Choosing the Right Powerlifting Gear

Choosing the Right Powerlifting Gear

Powerlifting can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s a passion; for others, it’s an outright obsession. Whether you are powerlifting for competition or simply trying to get stronger, powerlifting is a test of strength. When it comes down to it, you can lift heavy weights or not.    You can use hundreds […]

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