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Seven Tips for Buying Supplements Online

tips for buying supplements online

Part of buying supplements online is to make sure you know what you are getting. But if you are new to purchasing your supplements online, these may seem as if you are navigating a minefield. Not all supplements are created equally. Low-quality supplements may not provide the desired effect. If that happens, you are wasting […]

What Are Smelling Salts

what are smelling salts

Have you ever watched a football or hockey game and seen players sitting on the sidelines sniffing something? If you have ever seen a weightlifting competition, you see something similar. The lifter cracks an ampule and sniffs right before they lift.  What these athletes are sniffing are ammonia inhalants more commonly referred to as smelling […]

Tips to Prevent Post Workout Muscle Cramps

tips to prevent post workout muscle cramps

Tips to Prevent Post Workout Muscle Cramps Many athletes have experienced them, and just as many wish they had not! We are talking about muscle cramps. These involuntary, intensely painful muscle contractions can put a damper on your workouts. Some seem to experience them often, and for some reason, are prone to getting them.  What […]


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