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Choosing the Right Powerlifting Gear

Choosing the Right Powerlifting Gear

Powerlifting can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s a passion; for others, it’s an outright obsession. Whether you are powerlifting for competition or simply trying to get stronger, powerlifting is a test of strength. When it comes down to it, you can lift heavy weights or not. 


You can use hundreds of resources to improve your abilities, but perhaps the most important is the gear you use to support you and keep you safe. To that end, choosing the right powerlifting gear should be high on your priority list. So let’s look at some types of equipment you may want to add to your powerlifting arsenal. 


Powerlifting belts

Choosing the right powerlifting belt can greatly impact your overall strength and performance. Unlike traditional belts, powerlifting belts feature a lever that allows lifters to get a tighter belt grip around the waist, providing more support. Therefore, investing in a belt is an important decision that can lead to long-term success. 


Wrist wraps

Unlike deadlifting, when it comes to powerlifting, wrist wraps are allowed. Some lifters choose to wear them while doing squats. However, the majority of lifters use them while doing bench presses. The reason wrist wraps are so popular is because they provide great support during heavy lifting. There are a variety of wrist wraps on the market, but the best to use for powerlifting are those constructed of nylon and elastic materials. 


Elbow and knee sleeves

Perhaps the most overlooked pieces of equipment you can invest in are elbow and knee wraps. For those needing a little extra support, they are a great option. Elbow and knee sleeves help cushion the joints and offer incredible stability during serious lifting sessions. Depending on their thickness, they can also be used to help combat pain and stiffness. 



If you are competing, then you know that singlets are required in every federation. Why? Singlets ensure there is an even competition field and that no cheating occurs. Make the mistake of showing up at a competition without a singlet, and you will quickly discover you will be eliminated. When comparing singlets, you will want to buy ones with high-quality materials that fit snugly like a t-shirt. 


Gym bags

Let’s not overlook the one piece of equipment that won’t affect your ability to lift but will help you keep your arsenal of equipment organized. Invest in a nice heavy-duty gym bag with plenty of room and many pockets to stow away your personal belongings while you train or compete. 


If you want to add new equipment or upgrade what you currently have, you came to the right place! Check out our extensive selection of powerlifting gear at House of Gains


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