Collagen: Benefits And Side Effects

Collagen: Benefits and Side Effects You Should Know

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In our quest for better health and well-being, we try many things that include important nutrients and necessary elements that are good for the body. So for that, there is a protein supplement that will help in maintaining healthy skin, strong joints and overall performance. Collagen is a necessary protein that has several health benefits and should be included in our daily lives.
Let’s understand the benefits and side effects of collagen on our body in detail.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein responsible for the overall structure and maintenance of your skin, like the formation of cells and tissues. That’s why it is also called structural protein. There are many connective tissues in the body, like fibroblasts, that create and maintain collagen. Its production slows down as we age and grow older. So, with time, the body’s structural protein that is responsible for skin elasticity gets saggy and leads to wrinkles. If your body needs collagen, then you can get it from animal skin – specifically chicken and fish skin – or you can order collagen supplements online.

What Foods Naturally Include Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein which we can get from animal joints and skin. There are several ways to get collagen, like from chicken skin, pig knuckle and seafood. Some animal bones and ligaments also have collagen in it. Collagen rich foods, like poultry, fish, beans and eggs include amino acids and are healthy collagen sources. You can include these into your everyday diet to help your body produce better looking skin and bone health.

Vitamin C is a rich source of collagen in the body as well, and other food items that include collagen are fruits, peppers, berries, etc. Individuals can also get collagen supplements that have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities in it.

What Causes Collagen Deficiency In The Body?

What if your body stops producing enough collagen that is required to maintain the overall body’s integrity? Collagen deficiency can cause many health implications, so here are some factors that can cause its deficiency in our body:

1. As you continue to age your body will naturally reduce the production of collagen in various areas – like skin, joints and other important tissues.

2. Lifestyle changes can also result in collagen deficiency. More exposure to the sun, poor diet, and smoking can break down collagen and contribute to premature skin aging early.

3. Other nutrients deficiency in the body – like Vitamin C, proline, copper, etc – can help the body to produce more collagen.

4. Too much stress can trigger inflammation and can disrupt the body’s collagen level.

5. Sometimes your genetics can also affect collagen metabolism and can impact its quality in the body. Medical conditions, like connective tissue diseases and genetic collagen disorders, can hamper the collagen production.

Why Is Collagen Important For Our Body?

Strengthen Bones & Muscles

In our body, collagen is responsible for bones and muscles good health. For bones it provides a structural mineral deposition which enhances its density and strength. It makes bones resilient and flexible for promoting the overall musculoskeletal health in our body.

Improves Sleep

There is a type of acid found in collagen that is called an amino acid, which is responsible for better sleep. In contrast, glycine calms us, promotes relaxation, and enhances sleep quality. It acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain to promote concise sleep patterns for sleeping calmly.

Great For The Skin

Collagen has great skin benefits like maintaining skin elasticity and hydration, and is responsible for overall skin health. There are many supplements and skin care products that have collagen in them to make your skin glow and youthful. It has amazing benefits on skin by reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Cures Osteoarthritis

Individuals who want to get relief from joint pain and muscle pain can add collagen supplements to their balanced diet and see visible results. Those who have osteoarthritis can alleviate their chances from getting regular joint pain and stiffness to enhance mobility.

Controls Blood Sugar Level

Researchers suggest that a good amount of collagen in our body, especially those that contain glycine, can help in regulating blood levels and insulin in our body. Collagen can control blood sugar levels and support metabolism.

Enhances Performance

By reducing muscle and joint pain and recovery from osteoarthritis can enhance the overall body performance. Individuals who take regular collagen supplements can involve in regular exercises and workouts to maintain their overall health. So, collagen encourages the body to be active and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Hair Growth

Protein like collagen improves the hair quality and results in hair growth. It plays an important role in maintaining hair strength by acting as a building block for overall hair structure. It provides resilience, vitality, and growth of hair.

Are There Any Side Effects of Collagen In The Body?

Supplements and healthy foods that contain collagen are safe for our body and there are no side effects of incorporating them into your balanced diet. Some supplements in the market have a mix of essential nutrients and proteins to enhance skin, nails, and hair. They are rich in vitamins, so consult your healthcare provider to ensure they are safe for you or not. Also it will be great if you take these supplements in the mentioned quantity and do not overdose on them.

Some dietary supplements that include herbal extracts and other dietary ingredients are not for pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding.

Individuals can experience digestion issues like bloating, constipation, or other effects if taking these supplements in larger quantities. So, start with smaller doses and then make it a part of your regular diet.

Some of the famous collagen supplements include high doses of biotin, which is not suitable for people with heart and thyroid conditions. There are many supplements that have only collagen in it and have less side effects.

So, it is important to check the packaging and ingredients to understand the risk associated with a protein supplement. Consider all the factors which are essential before choosing the right collagen supplement for your body.

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