Understanding Collagen Types and Their Benefits

Exploring Collagen: Understanding Its Various Types

Collagen Types

Collagen is a specific kind of protein that provides amino acids, which are the components that form skin and bone building blocks. With collagen as an aid, the tissues can stretch and be flexible. In the body, collagen is a predominant protein. Such proteins lead to a meeting point of fibers that assure integrity and functionality of the body’s systems.

Collagen generates components that lead to healthy muscle, skin, bones, and tendons. As an individual ages, collagen production naturally decreases, and cannot repair the production of collagen by itself. Therefore, people take collagen supplements to promote health and cosmetic benefits. In this post we will discuss the various types of collagen.

What Does Collagen Do?

The key role of collagen is to provide structure, strength, and support throughout the body. The specific roles of collagen are the followings;

  • Helps form fibroblasts in the dermis that ensures new cells grow.
  • Provides strength, structure, and elasticity to the skin.
  • Plays a vital role in replacing dead skin cells.
  • Provides a protective covering for organs.
  • Helps blood to clot.

Why Should I Take Collagen?

Collagen helps in the mechanical strength and elasticity of tissues, acting as a natural substance for cellular development. It plays a significant role in supporting several areas in health performance, enhancing synthesis, or growth, in different musculoskeletal tissues including ligaments, bone, and cartilage. Thus, collagen supplements are linked positively to healthy aging, healing, and repair in the skeletal system. Collagen supplements help to increase the available collagen level in the body. It helps to recover from injury and ensures wound healing. Overall, collagen ensures stronger bones and joints for injury resistance.

What Are The Different Types of Collagen?

Many people think that collagen is a single entity. But there are 28 different types of collagen. However, there are mainly three types of collagen that we will discuss. These types of collagen come from healthy proteins. You can add them to your daily diet by consuming cartilage directly from the boned fish, organ meats, and body. But it is not the typical diet for most people. Hence, a collagen supplement is suitable. The main three type of collagen are the following:

Collagen Type I

Type I is the majority of the body collagen – which is about 90%. Type I collagen is made of very densely packed fibers. This particular type of collagen provides structure to different elements of the body including the bones, skin, cartilage, teeth, tendons, and connective tissues. This collagen starts to decline in our twenties. This decline may result in less firm skin, thinning hair, brittle nails, fine lines and wrinkles. The collagen peptides that you take primarily are composed of type I collagen.

Collagen Type II

Type II takes the form of more loosely packed fibers that are found in the elastic cartilage. By cushioning the joints, this collagen type supports your movement and function. Collagen Type II is found within supplements that help to support the skeletal system. It is made of long identical chains of amino acids that form a tight network of fibers. This collagen gives cartilage strength and elasticity that is significant for allowing tissues to withstand mechanical stress and shock absorption. By adding collagen Type II to your body, you can better manage wear and tear in your joints.

Collagen Type III

Type III is another collagen that gives a structure to tissues – like muscle fibers, arteries and body organs. Collagen type III is the second most common collagen fiber that is mainly distributed throughout the bone marrow. It is situated within the reticular fibers.

What Are The Benefits of Collagen?

Explore the following benefits of collagen:

Relieve Joint Pain

When aging, joint disorders like osteoarthritis can arise in proportion to the amount of collagen in the body. Specifically, based on other study results, consuming collagen hydrolysate can aid osteoarthritic causes and alleviate general joint pain. Collagen supplements can also help in providing anti-inflammatory effects, and hamper the breakdown of collagen in the joints.

Improve Skin Health

Collagen is the dominant protein molecule in the skin. It is very important to maintain your collagen levels for strong and flexible skin, and to enhance its moisture and elasticity. As your skin continues to age, the skin gets drier and wrinkles may appear due to lesser collagen levels. A diet rich in collagen peptides or a collagen supplement may become useful tools for reversing skin aging.

Prevent Bone Loss

The skin fascia, or ligaments like filaments, are composed of the collagen protein. During this phase, the body’s collagen wearing out is accompanied by the reduction in the quality of the bones. This can link to osteoporosis, a condition that is brought about by lower bone density, in which menopause plays a key role. It carries greater chances of bone breakage. Collagen supplements in this situation will help to prevent bone decay that causes osteoporosis.

Promote Heart Health

Stifling the production of collagen might lead to heart complications. Researchers claim that taking proper collagen supplements helps with avoiding it. The collagen that it produces provides a framework for your blood vessels to carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body. Collagen deficiency causes arteries to become stiff or brittle, which may accumulate atherosclerosis in the long term. The condition may bring about fatalities, like myocardial infarction and stroke.

On top of the previously stated perks, collagen does bring about some other benefits too. Since collagen is the most prevalent protein in the body, no wonder it is also an essential constituent of skeletal muscles. In addition to that, collagen gives your body the ability to keep your gut healthy, makes your hair and nails stronger, stunts dementia, and helps in weight loss.


Collagen is an evident protein of the largest amount in the body. It plays a pivotal role in the integrity, robustness and flexibility of some organs and tissues. Collagen type I, type II, and type III play a very important role in our bodies’ health, and there are a lot of benefits that they offer.

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