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Healthy Joint Tips for the New Year

healthy joint tips

The best gift you can give yourself in the early months of a new year is to take better care of your joints. When you have aches and pains as you grow older, where do they usually occur? That’s right: elbows, knees, and other joints. Here are a few healthy joint tips for the new year.

Keep moving

The golden rule of joint health is the more you move, the less stiffness you have to deal with. Even if your activity has you stationary, such as reading or watching TV, change positions. Work at a desk for most of the day? Get up, stretch, or even go for a short walk.

Shed some pounds

Yes, size does matter. Are you packing on a few post-holiday pounds? This additional weight can put a strain on your hips, knees, and back. Every bit of weight loss you manage can be beneficial. Fun fact: for every pound you lose, you reduce the pressure on your knees by four pounds!

Try low impact exercise

There are a number of exercises you can do to stay fit and lose weight. Lean towards low impact exercises that put less impact on your joints. These include walking, bicycling, swimming, and weight training.

Flex that muscle!

Strengthening muscles around the joints will give you added support. Check with a certified trainer to get a regimen of safe exercises that will help. If you are battling joint problems, avoid quick, repetitive movements.

Work on range

Finding your joints are often stiff? You will want to recover your range of motion to help. Consult a doctor or therapist for a list of recommended exercises.

Focus on your core

Add exercises that strengthen your abs and back muscles. Both these groups of muscles help with your balance. Optimizing your balance puts less strain on one side of your body over the other. Add core strengthening exercises focusing on the abdominal area, back, and hips to help.

Don’t overdo it

Know your limits when exercising. It is normal to have some muscle aches after a session of exercise. However, if the pain persists after 48 hours, you have likely overdone yourself. Don’t push through the pain when exercising. This is usually a recipe for disaster.

Eat more fish

Fatty cold-water fish like salmon are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which help with healthy joints. Omega-3 fatty acids also help reduce inflammation that leads to joint pain. If you are not a fan of fish then supplements may be your answer.

Try supplements

There are a number of supplements on the market that specifically target joint care. Fish oil soft gels are a great way to start boosting joint health. These soft gels contain the omega-3 fatty acids without the taste of fish. Also, head on over to House of Gains and look at our REFLEX Joint Support formula.


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