Mass Gainer vs. Protein Powder: Are They Same?

Mass Gainer vs. Protein Powder: Are They the Same?

Mass Gainer vs. Protein Powder

Health is the other name of wealth. With busy lives come an array of health hazards. These hazards are generally termed “lifestyle illnesses” and can only be cured by taking care of ourselves and our health. Nowadays, we also know that exercising regularly is not the only gateway to health. Along with it, we require some supplements to achieve our fitness goals.

Have you ever caught yourself wondering about choosing between protein powders and muscle gainers? Are you confused about which one to pick? Then do not be worried, you have come to the right place. Let us dive deep into the world of mass gainers and protein powders and sail the seas of knowledge to discover what you should go for!

What is Mass Gainer?

People who look forward to gaining weight and muscle mass go for something known as a ‘mass gainer’. As the name tells us, it helps us gain more muscles. It is made with a mix of fats, proteins, and other macronutrients. Carbohydrates make it extremely high in calories and thus, give us a boost of energy whenever consumed. Mass gainers give us a convenient way to increase calorie intake for those who struggle to consume enough calories by food alone.

When paired with resistance exercises, the protein part assists with muscle repair and growth, and the other macronutrients give the required energy to endure and excel with the routine. Vitamins, like Vitamin B, C, and D, are added to mass gainers to support the immune system, maintain bone health, and boost overall health. Iron is added as it is necessary for oxygen transport within the body. Calcium protects bone health, and magnesium, when added, boosts energy metabolism.

What Are Protein Powders?

Protein powders are supplements made up of amino acid proteins. Proteins are one of the pivotal macronutrients needed by us to function normally. It promotes muscle and tissue repair and gives us energy to function. Powdered protein is extremely popular with fitness enthusiasts and strength trainers, as it helps them to repair and tone muscles. They are also convenient for individuals who struggle to reach their ideal protein intake using only food. Powdered proteins are made from different sources like eggs, milk and even plants. Proteins from these different sources can serve different purposes.

Milk proteins are generally categorized into whey proteins and casein. Both of them are rich in amino acids and promote muscle repair. Whey is easier to digest, whereas digesting casein can be difficult for some. Some of the plant based proteins are from soybean, pea and hemp. Soy protein contains all of the nine amino acids which our bodies can’t produce and so is known as “complete”. Soy protein aids heart health and nourishes bone health. Another easy to digest protein is pea protein. It is often used by people with stomach issues and for people looking out for weight management.

Differences Between Mass Gainers And Protein Powders?

Now, you might be wondering, “What sets these two apart?”. Well, we have made a list of differences between mass gainers and protein powders:

  • Nutrient Profile: Along with calories, our bodies also need extra vitamins and minerals. Muscle gainers often have them blended in the formula. Supplements like creatine are added alongside protein, carbs and fats. These support overall health and boost stamina for working out. When we pick protein powders, we mainly think of increasing the net protein intake and thus, it has very little or no additional nutrients. This increased protein intake boosts muscle repair and growth.
  • Calorific content: Muscle gainers contain a large amount of calories along with the required nutrients. They are perfect for the people who want to gain muscles and increase weight. Generally, people who have faster metabolism or people who can not get enough calories from daily food consume muscle gainers. In comparison, people who just want to increase the protein in their diet and add little to no calories, go for protein powders.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Muscle gainers are more costlier than protein powders due to the high calorific profile and the additional vitamins and nutrients. They are essential as they provide all-round growth and development. It might be effective and more well-suited for individuals who do not get their required nutrient content from their daily food intake. However, protein powder is a cheaper alternative for people looking forward to increasing their protein intake and boosting their health. Protein powder provides an intensive source of protein without the added carbohydrates and helps in easier and cheaper weight management.
  • When to consume?: Muscle gainers are generally consumed as meals or as meal replacements. Muscle gainers, as said before, have large amounts of calories. Being so rich in calories, they are filling and hence can be taken as a meal or a snack or even when you need a bit of extra energy. However, Protein powders are taken post-workout. After a workout session, your body is extremely drained and needs some extra care. It can be taken alongside meals to increase the overall protein content of the meal and help in muscle repair. Both can be taken in the form of shakes by adding milk or water to them.
  • Digestibility: Due to higher fat content, muscle gainers are not easy to digest. People with sensitive stomachs may find muscle gainers more difficult to digest. However, some milk and plant based protein powders are extremely easy to digest. Being easy on the stomach and causing less issues, protein powders are more preferred.

So, Which One To Go For?

If you are thinking of choosing between muscle gainers and protein powders, and are confused, don’t be. It is very straightforward. First, understand your fitness goals. After you set a proper goal, you then decide if you have to bulk up or lose a few pounds. If you want to bulk up and gain some weight or muscles, go for muscle gainers. Otherwise, if you want to lean down and don’t want to compromise your energy level, go forward with a protein powder.

Either way, if you are looking forward to gaining muscles or repairing them, trust a brand with a long track of success. House of Gains promises you quality supplement products that are tailored to your specific needs. Made of top-notch ingredients, our protein powders and muscle gainers deliver to your body with the nutrients it craves. We enrich you with the products which are optimal for muscle recovery and muscle growth with or without extra calories.

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