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I have tried multiple similar products, this seems to work well.


Yolo darkside is a great pre workout. Tastes great. Huge pumps. Long Lasting energy. 10/10

Knee Wraps

I actually use the knee wraps for elbow wraps as well good product great quality as well

IGNIS Pre Workout
Rectum Wrecker

Holy hell…what a gift from the supplement gods. If you’re looking for a stim packed preworkout that makes you sweat like crazy, look no further. I found my new go to ever since they took the original jack3d off the shelf!!!


Post surgery I’ve been on muscle relaxers for nightly spasms. After a little over a week of taking Cramp 2.0 I’m off of them and provided with some relief at nights. Thanks!

Single Ply Bench Sling

The single ply bench sling exceeded my expectations over my benchdaddy excellent work guys no regrets at all


I was a bonifide benchdaddy user and very impressed to say,well after trying this single ply F8 the benchdaddy isnt even in the same sentence very impressed with the matl and quality and once broken in this sling is truly awesome easy 50lb gain for my pause presses

HOG Beanie
Kyle Skinner

Fits well, warm

Mens Black Tank
Kyle Skinner
Men’s Black Tank

Fits well

Good stuff

I can't do without this stuff. I use it for almost every exercise. A little goes a long ways and stays on your hands. Ever since Covid, too many people slime up the barbells and dumbells with disinfectant. So this stuff is great 🙂

Adam Chapis


House of Gains Whey 3lb
Travis Schenandore
Pumpkin spice latte

Not my first time ordering and won’t be my last. I love the taste and you can’t beat the servings.

House of Gains Whey 3lb

Arez Titanium
Shane Davis
Great stuff

I love this stuff! Good flavor and really packs a punch. Expect 2 plus hours of focus and drive to move some weight!

IGNIS Pre Workout
angela barnes
great product

this is a great product just have to be careful how you take it, follow directions and drink plenty of water.

👍👍 Product

Wanted to give it some time before I gave my honest feedback. The product is great. No weird aftertaste. Mixes well with water and it tastes pretty good, too. During hard strength training sessions I’m able to replenish and keep it going. I definitely notice the difference when I don’t carb up during intense activities. I will definitely order this product again.

Most support in a band I’ve ever had

Gift Card
matthew lane

Great gift!

Perfect for conjugate

I’ve only ever used the well known bench band, and the widowmaker is simply better in anyway. As someone who does conjugate, the widowmaker is amazing. I’m planning on moving to geared lifting after my raw meet in November.

My raw 1rm is 335. My 2 board max is 355 and my first workout with the band I did 385 for a double. Can’t wait to break it in and learn the band more.

Forell Heavy Duty Black Wraps F8

Used them first time last night and I love them. I need to break them in but its looking like mid 400 for my meet in October.
Great product..

Wrist wraps

I got one of his shirts and was hoping to find his wrist wraps…. Great find

Repeat Customer

Great product.

Clutch - Liquid Chalk 100ml
Christopher Glass

Clutch - Liquid Chalk 100ml

House of Gains Whey 3lb
April Rzucidlo
Cinnamon Swirl Top Notch!

This is seriously the most amazing protein powder I’ve EVER had in my life! It tastes amazing & mixes so well. The powder is so fine so mixes with zero clumps! You won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to try other flavors!!

Iced Coffee Whey Protein 3lb
Best flavor protein

Best tasting protein I’ve had to date. That iced coffee flavor is unmatched.