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Should I Get a Weightlifting Belt?

Should I Get a Weightlifting Belt?

This is a popular debate in the powerlifting world – should I add a weightlifting belt to my gym sessions? 

Honestly, there is a lot that goes into making this decision. Before deciding, think about the following additional questions. 

What kind of workouts am I currently performing?

If you’re sticking to light weightlifting as your workout, you probably don’t need a weightlifting belt. However, it may be time to consider a belt if you are performing heavy squats and deadlifts. 

The general rule of thumb is if you are squatting or deadlifting 1 to 1.5x your body weight, consider a belt for stabilizing as you continue to increase your weight. 

How is my form?

Answer this honestly. If your form is almost perfect, a belt might be an excellent addition to your gym sessions for injury prevention and stabilization of the spine.  

If you aren’t comfortable with your form, don’t commit to the belt just yet. Take some time to build muscle memory for perfect form. A belt will not help with form, but it can help you add weight to your personal record. If you add weight with improper form, you could cause long-term injuries that prevent you from even going to the gym. 

Are my core muscles strong enough?

A belt is not a replacement for muscles – it’s a tool to help you lift more weight safely. The most important part of lifting is making sure your core is tight and (our favorite word!) stabilized.

If you are a powerlifting beginner, focus on gaining core muscles as you lift different sets of weights. Your core is the foundation of weightlifting. Don’t try to enhance something that might not even be strong enough yet. 

If you have questions about powerlifting with a belt, don’t hesitate to talk with one of our trained staff members – they can provide advice based on your current workout regime and also show you the weightlifting belts available. 

In the meantime, if you’re ready to start researching weightlifting belts, feel free to explore our selection available at House of Gain.

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