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Types of Proteins & Benefits


One of the most popular supplements out there today by far are protein powders. If you are new to this trend among health-conscious individuals, you probably have a few questions you have been asking. The main one is likely what kinds of proteins are used for the powders? Here are a few types of proteins and their benefits.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is made from milk. During the cheesemaking process, whey is what separates from the curds. It is very high in protein but can also retain some lactose. While some people may have difficulty digesting lactose, this is usually not an issue with whey. During the processing, lactose is lost.

Recent studies show that whey protein can help build and maintain muscle mass. It also has the ability to help with muscle recovery after intense exercise and increase muscle strength. One has also shown to reduce appetite.

Egg Protein

Eggs naturally are an excellent source of protein. Egg protein powders are made of egg whites rather than the entire egg. Studies are not as numerous as they are for whey in showing the effectiveness of egg protein. One study has demonstrated egg protein as second to only whey when it comes to muscle health. However, the one benefit of egg protein is that it is an excellent choice for those with dairy allergies.

Pea Protein

Pea protein powder is a favorite choice of vegetarians and those with dairy or egg allergies. Pea protein is manufactured from yellow split peas. While studies are limited, pea protein can promote fullness and muscle growth on par with other animal-based proteins. As a bonus, a study has shown that those with high blood pressure experienced a decrease in their elevated levels when taking pea protein supplements.

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein powder is another plant-based protein that has recently begun gaining popularity. Hemp is rich in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Its main drawback is it is very low in amino acids lysine and leucine. Because of how new it is, very little research exists on hemp protein. However, it does show promise and is worth a mention.

Brown Rice Protein

Brown rice proteins have been around for quite some time. They are generally considered less effective than whey protein for building muscle. More research on brown rice proteins also needs to be conducted. One study has shown that taking the same amount of brown rice or whey both yielded similar muscle strength and recovery results.

The Benefits

Protein powders are convenient. They have been shown to promote muscle gain, aid in weight loss, and provide a protein source for vegetarians and vegans. All of this comes in some great flavors as well.

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