What is the Best Bulk Protein Powder?

What is the Best Bulk Protein Powder?

Protein powders continue to increase in popularity these days. However, if you are new to the phenomenon, you may find it challenging to decide what bulk protein powder is best for you. Without a doubt, whey protein comes near the top of the list. Let’s explore why whey protein should be your bulk protein powder of choice. 

Muscle Growth

If building muscle mass is on your list of things you want to achieve, whey protein and you should become best friends! Whey is rich in leucine, an amino acid. Leucine is the most growth-promoting of all amino acids. So when combined with strength training, whey protein is an excellent choice for promoting muscle growth.

Reduce inflammation

Your body has a natural response to injury, and that is inflammation. Short-term inflammation can be beneficial for the muscle-building process. However, dealing with chronic inflammation is not a good thing. A recent study revealed that high doses of whey protein supplements helped reduce C-reactive protein, a key marker of inflammation. 

Enhance antioxidant defenses

Antioxidants actively help reduce the risk of various chronic diseases. One of the essential antioxidants your body produces naturally is glutathione. The body relies on several amino acids, including cysteine, which sometimes is in limited supply. Whey protein addresses this issue as it is high in cysteine. By supplying much-needed cysteine, whey proteins help your body produce beneficial antioxidants.

A filling supplement

You know that feeling of fullness you have after a good meal? There’s a technical term for that, and it is called satiating. When you experience this fullness, it reduces food cravings and the desire to eat. Some foods are more satiating than others. Foods high in protein, carbs, and fat are the most satiating. Of these three ingredients, protein is by far the most filling. Whey protein is the most effective protein for providing that feeling of fullness. Thus, whey protein can help with eating fewer calories and, in turn, weight loss. 

Lower blood pressure

Several studies have shown that whey may help lower blood pressure. One encouraging study, in particular, showed that overweight individuals who added 54 g/day of whey protein supplementation to their diets over 12 weeks saw a 4% decrease in their blood pressure. 

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