What Type of Powerlifting Equipment Do You Need?

What Types of PowerLifting Gear Do You Need?

PowerLifting Gear

Powerlifting, when you come right down to it, is a test of strength. For some, it’s a passion and borderline obsession. But are you doing it right? There are hundreds of resources out there that discuss the technical and scientific aspect of powerlifting. The big question is what type of powerlifting equipment is necessary. Whether you are new to powerlifting or a seasoned veteran, here is a list of essential equipment.

Using Powerlifting Equipment

This is a topic that carries with it two very opposing viewpoints. Some feel that supportive equipment is all gimmicky and not essential at all. In reality, there are a few pieces of equipment that every powerlifter should be using. The main reason for choosing to go with powerlifting equipment is form, and form should always be a top priority.

Shoes and Socks

When it comes to squatting and deadlifting, the key is proper weight distribution. Having the right shoes to ensure stability is critical. Well-known brands like Vans or Converse are great but you need to make sure they are proper for the task. Shoes for powerlifting should be flat. Your toes should have a little wiggle room as well. Shoes that are too tight constrict the toes causing inadequate weight distribution.

Also, make sure you wear the proper socks. If you have deadlifted for any period, you know your shins can take a beating from the barbell. Always wear high rise socks to protect your shins from abuse.

Powerlifting Belt

When you are trying to improve your overall strength and performance, the right powerlifting belt can make all the difference. The preferred choice of most powerlifters is lever belts. When used properly, lever belts provide support and decrease the risk of injury.

Wrist Wraps

Unlike lifting straps that aid in deadlifts, wrist wraps are allowed in competition. Wrist straps are a great choice when heavy lifting as they help stabilize wrist joints. There are different wraps based upon the activity, but generally, you will want sturdy wrist wraps constructed of elastic and nylon.

Elbow and Knee Sleeves

One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment is elbow and knee sleeves. For those needing extra compressive support, both are an absolute must. Knee and elbow sleeves combat pain and stiffness. The warming properties of sleeves can also help cushion the joints and add much-needed stability.

The Singlet

If you are only lifting in a gym outside of competition, you obviously will not wear a singlet. However, in competition scenarios, singlets are a requirement. Why are they required? Singlets are mandatory to establish an across the board fair game and prohibit cheating by wearing supportive clothing. When looking for a singlet, choose one that is durable and has the fit of a snug t-shirt.

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